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Education Packages

Learning Outside the Classroom 

You will get lots more than just an Activity session when you book with us. We will tailor your bespoke package to your key objectives and even cross-reference to many learning outcomes. 

Activity Days

Enrichment Days, Induction/Team building days, Curriculum focused days.

Our most popular Activity Days

3 activity sessions all 1.5 hrs long from any of our activities which can easily be fitted into the school day.

4 Activity sessions from any of our activities which at 1.5 hours per activity will mean extending the school day.

We set up a rotating schedule to suit your arrival and departure times, and you can choose any of the activities from

Archery – Bellboating – Bushcraft - Canoeing - Climbing – Kayaking – Disc Golf - Orienteering - Skiing - Teambuilding– Zip Wire – Tower Drop- Tubing

Learning outcomes such as Enrichment, Teamwork, Problem-solving, Communication, Self-confidence and Environmental awareness can be achieved from many of our Activities we will ask during the booking process, of course, we always make it a fun visit. 

Single Sessions

Are you looking to enhance the curriculum? we can provide a one off session, perhaps as a taster or for a reward. Or why not book a series of sessions on different days.

Our instructed group sessions are charged per 10 individuals. Each session lasts one and a half hours. If you pick several activities then we can draw up a rotating schedule for each group(or check out our activity days above). Choose from

Archery – Bellboating – Bushcraft - Canoeing - Climbing – Kayaking – Disc golf - Orienteering - Skiing - Teambuilding– Zip Wire – Tower Drop

Make sure you talk to us about your desired learning outcomes we can then help you choose and tailor your sessions to meet them, we can also suggest some great ideas to link into the curriculum, what about calculating the speed of the zip wire or collecting Archery scores for data manipulation back at school.

Learn a new skill

Our six session Activity courses normally run over 6 weeks and offer the chance for the participants to learn a new skill.

The course will include registration into the relevant governing body awards ie Snowlife or Paddle awards to show progression.

Archery – Bellboating – Bushcraft - Canoeing - Climbing – Kayaking – Disc golf - Orienteering - Skiing - Teambuilding– Zip Wire – Tower Drop

Progression will be on an individual basis, the course could be repeated to continue the learning.

Activities for Disability and SEND students.

Over the years we have gained huge amounts of experience of working with Disability and SEND groups, We realise that each individual has their own needs and ability ad we will tailor your session to suite. Contact for a chat about you needs.

Accompanied Skill Development and Learner Experiences

  • Imitation-Development of receptive communication i.e. by following instruction
  • Development of expressive communication i.e. communicating in different environments
  • Interaction i.e. engaging in shared activity
  • Gross motor development through balance and actions
  • Dressing skills -Transition and routines i.e. coping with and following new routines
  • Emotional regulation i.e. through waiting, requesting help and regulating emotions-Keeping self-safe
  • Enhanced team working skills
  • Healthy living and promotion of learner resilience and wellbeing
  • Improved self-confidence and self esteem
  • SMSC development

Group Climbing 

We have 3 climbing walls… The Crag, The Pyramid and The Tower. Each wall has various grades ranging from basic traverses to more difficult climbs, for those wanting more of a challenge. The Pyramid and The Crag are both floodlit and are available during centre opening hours. 

GCSE Climbing

To cover the GCSE climbing syllabus we advise a minimum of 9 hours. Each of our sessions lasts one and a half hours, so you can choose from either 6 individual sessions, 2 full days or 4 half days. To assess the students our instructors continuously monitor and observe the individuals during each session as well as carrying out an official assessment at the end.


 The National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme (NICAS) is a UK wide scheme designed to promote climbing development, and accredit individual achievement on artificial climbing structures. It can be used as a starting point for people wishing to take up climbing and mountaineering. The schemes are open to all candidates aged 7 and upwards. NICAS will provide the structure and motivation for new climbers to develop their skills, in order that they may gain the most out of their climbing, as well as having their achievements recognised.

We are an awarding centre for NICAS. Which can be used towards a GCSE qualification, or Duke of Edinburgh award physical or skills section!

Each participant will receive a logbook to work through. To cover the NICAS syllabus we advise a minimum of 9 hours. Each of our sessions lasts for one and a half hours so you can choose from 6 individual sessions, 2 full days or 4 half days.

Group Skiing 

Planning a school ski trip? Why not be prepared and learn to ski before heading to the mountains? 

Ski Lessons

Each of our ski lessons lasts one hour and boot & ski hire is included in the cost. Ski helmets are available if requested. Lessons can be booked during weekdays, evenings or weekends.

On average to learn to ski and become of the recreational standard it takes between 4-6 lessons, however, this may vary dependant on the ability of the group.

Learn to Ski in 1 Day!

We can offer a ‘Learn to Ski in a Day’ Course for schools who would like their students to learn how to ski quickly or without taking up too much of their time.

These courses aim to take all participants from a complete beginner level up to the basic recreational standard (controlled snowplough turns and use of the lift) within one day.

We offer a whole day that includes five hours of tuition with a fully qualified, experienced instructor and all equipment. One hours worth of breaks will be given throughout the day.

Please note that we cannot guarantee that each participant will achieve this standard as it is purely dependant on the individual’s ability to pick up and action the skills taught to them. These are physically demanding days so we advise having a reasonable level of fitness.

Group Orienteering 

Our Centre is situated in over 75 acres of semi rural land making it an ideal location for orienteering and map & compass work! We have a permanent orienteering course with routes that vary in length from 1.7km to 3.2km. 

Primary School Orienteering

We have several orienteering options available for primary schools depending on what elements of orienteering you are interested in covering. Below are session ideas based on groups of up to 30 at a time with each session lasting one and a half hours.

Session 1

The children rotate around 3 different tasks lasting around 25 minutes per task. We supply 3 members of our staff, one per group.

The tasks which we have available are:

  • Map orientation and route following
  • Longitude and Latitude
  • North, South, East and West

Session 2

The children complete up to 3 orienteering courses within a small area, they collect coloured balls from each point marked on the map. This introduces using maps, to find markers and larger scale maps with keys. This is done in an area where we can see the children at all times, allowing them to be independent whilst closely monitored.

Session 3

Using our whole site orienteering course to find posts utilising the skills they have acquired. This takes place in groups of ten accompanied by a member of our staff . Children would take it in turns to lead the group to posts, answers create an anagram, which the children can work out once all the answers have been collected.

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