Activities – Ackers Adventure



Release your inner Robin Hood and try one of England’s favourite and oldest past times by learning how to use a bow and arrows!


I’ve heard about canoes and kayaks, but bellboating… what’s a bellboat? A bellboat is a twin-hulled canoe joined by a platform. The


Bushcraft is a popular activity that gives you the chance to get back to nature and test your survival skills! It uses

Canoeing and Kayaking

Canoeing We use Open Canoes that seat 1- 3 people. The canoes make an ideal group session for anyone who wants to

Climbing and Abseiling

Climbing We have 3 climbing walls… The Crag, The Pyramid and The Tower. Each wall has various grades ranging from basic traverses

Disc Golf

What is Disc golf? Disc (or Frisbee) golf is a similar game to “regular” golf except that it’s played with a Disc.


We are situated in over 70 acres of semi-rural land making us the ideal location for orienteering. It’s a great activity that


We have floodlit synthetic bristle matting slopes available for use throughout the year. The main slope is approximately 100 metres long and


Penguin’s  Running every other Sunday this session is the perfect way for children aged 4-7 to learn to ski within a fun

Team Building

We offer a range of options within our teambuilding activity for your group. We are situated in over 70 acres of semi


Youngsters will love whizzing down our exclusive toboggan slope over and over again! Tobogganing is fast, exciting, exhilarating and fun activity for

Tower Drop

Experience the ultimate adrenaline rush with our Tower Drop! At the top of our 20 metre tower we have a Tower Drop


Weve seen you stealing your childs Tobbogan to have a sneaky go!! Well now you can. We are closing the main slope

Zip Wire

Experience the ultimate adrenaline rush with our Zip Wires! We have 2 individual Zip Wires that run off our 20 metre tower.

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