Bushcraft – Ackers Adventure

Have fun and learn with Bushcraft

Bushcraft is a popular activity that gives you the chance to get back to nature and test your survival skills! It uses ancient methods that enable us to thrive and survive in the natural environment. In the past, these essential skills were handed down from generation to generation, but in the modern world we live in today our interaction with our natural surroundings has become disconnected.

Our bushcraft sessions give you the opportunity to explore our natural environment, learn some of these ancient survival skills and put them to the test!

Bushcraft Options

  • Shelter Building using man-made materials
  • Shelter Building using natural materials
  • Fire lighting and fire construction
  • Cooking and boiling water over an open fire
  • Navigation of the outdoors
  • Further use of map & compass in the outdoors
  • Making basic tools from natural resources

Each individual option can be covered in a 1.5-hour session, 2 options can be covered in a morning or afternoon session, or 3 – 4 options can be done in a day! You can work together either has a whole group or in smaller sub-teams!

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